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The Lagom+ Framework

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We take the guesswork out your marketing. Our Lagom 360 framework makes sure both onboarding and execution runs smoothly and efficiently.

Onboarding Phase

No matter the size of your company, we always start by doing the proper research and understand your specific businesses challenges and opportunities.

Typical actions:

  • Interviews customers and employees
  • Marketing channels & media spend
  • Tech platforms and daily processes
  • KPI & Data review
  • High level communication strategy

Planning Phase

This phase aims to set out a clear direction for your company in the coming 3-6 months. If already that is in place – that’s great! Otherwise, we help you create it.

Typical actions:

  • Build out a high-level roadmap

  • Develop buyer personas & journeys

  • Define goals and KPI’s

Action phase

We break down the roadmap into actionable tasks and build out quickly.

Depending on your internal resources and team structure, this phase can mean we lead the daily marketing operations or only follow up on a weekly basis. 

Advisory  Phase

Most companies work in cycles with their marketing. After an initially intense period, our engagement can be reduced to focus on giving direction and leading indirectly.

Typical actions:

  • Monthly/Bi-weekly check ins
  • Advisory to CMO or management
  • Planning & presentations
  • Recruiting/vetting

Where do you fit?

With more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing we know how to lead teams and provide direction, leadership and get results.

Our network of skilled freelancers can help fill gaps in your department long term or as a short term solution.

Our industry heritage and expertise is from travel, education and retail. All mature online industries with fierce competition. We know what it takes to succeed in a competitive landscape.

Making sure your brand story is correctly reflected in your marketing efforts is crucial to stand out from the crowd and be remembered. We are no designers, but we know how to get the most out of them.

Making sure your brand story is correctly reflected in your marketing efforts is crucial to stand out from the crowd and be remembered. We are no designers, but we know how to get the most out of them.

Don’t worry. You are not alone and you are in good hands. Most of our clients struggle to find a direction that can lift their marketing above the rest. We love helping set a plan and make it come to life.

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Building Direct Customer Relationships & E-Commerce

Strengthening Axkid's Market Presence


Axkid, a leading developer and provider of car seats in the European market, is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. Recognizing the potential of direct customer engagement and e-commerce, the company embarked on a strategic initiative in 2020 to establish an online presence and strengthen customer relationships.


Axkid’s existing marketing team lacked the necessary skills and leadership to effectively execute the e-commerce project. A fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) was therefore brought on board to drive the initiative forward, with a clear brief: build direct relationships with customers and make e-commerce an integral channel for Axkid’s long-term growth.


Platform Selection: After thorough evaluation, WooCommerce was chosen as the e-commerce content management system (CMS) and HubSpot Marketing Pro as the all-encompassing marketing management and customer relationship management (CRM) solution for Axkid’s five primary markets.

Website Redesign: To provide an exceptional user experience, it was crucial to redesign the website, focusing on ease of navigation, aesthetically pleasing visuals, and streamlined content.

Marketing Strategy: A continuous marketing strategy was developed and implemented, leveraging Google and Meta advertising platforms to build brand awareness and drive traffic to the website.

Launch and Initial Growth: Over a six-month period, the e-commerce platform was successfully launched and began generating positive marketing ROI, thanks to the coordinated efforts of the fractional CMO and the dedicated marketing team.

Succession Plan: To ensure long-term success, it was vital to create a succession plan that would maintain the momentum generated during the initial launch phase.

Team Expansion: The final step involved recruiting two new team members for the marketing department, responsible for overseeing daily operations and guaranteeing Axkid’s continued success in the digital realm.


The strategic decision to establish a direct channel to customers and launch an e-commerce platform has positioned Axkid for sustainable growth and increased brand awareness. The comprehensive approach, encompassing platform selection, website redesign, marketing strategy, and team expansion, has facilitated the successful execution of the project.

With a strong foundation in place, Axkid is now poised to strengthen its position as a market leader in the European car seat industry, while simultaneously nurturing direct relationships with customers through its new e-commerce channel. The collaboration between the fractional CMO and the dedicated marketing team has not only yielded immediate positive results but also set the stage for Axkid’s continued success in the years to come.

“Getting a strategic CMO in to quickly help and rebuild marketing from scratch was instrumental for our future growth”

Daniel Johannson, AXKID


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